Liberalization of the natural gas sector

04 FEB, 2013

The first phase of construction of the internal market in natural gas goes back to the nineties, in particular by Directive 90/377 / EEC of 29 June 1990 establishing a Community procedure to ensure price transparency to the industrial consumer of gas and electricity, whose purpose was to facilitate the free choice of suppliers by these consumers and Directive 91/296 / EEC of 31 May on the transit of natural gas grids, which aimed to facilitate trade expansion, always into account the quality and security of supply.


In a second phase was approved Directive 98/30 / EC concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas. Under this policy Portugal has been granted a derogation by virtue of being considered an emerging market, that is, "... a Member State in which the first commercial supply of its first natural gas supply contract long term has been made less than 10 years. " Because of this exception, the Decree-Law No. 14/2001, of 27 January, provided that the provisions on access to networks and storage, client eligibility (market opening) and network access refusal or storage only take effect when the national market ceases to be emerging at the latest in 2007.


In June 2003 approved the Directive 2003/55 / ​​EC concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas and repealing Directive 98/30 / EC. This policy will further speed up the opening of the natural gas market, providing the right supplier of choice to all customers at the latest from July 1, 2007, defining more precisely the organization and functioning of the sector and the conditions of market access, and the functions and role of independent regulatory bodies. The principles of this policy have been transposed into national law by Decree-Law 30/2006 of 15 February. (Source: ERSE)

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