Micro autonomous unit of liquefied natural gas

11 MAR, 2013

The company Prestiteca is developing a project related to a MICRO UNIT liquefied natural gas AUTONOMA (Micro-UAGNL), in order to obtain approval of the basic general conditions for the application of natural gas storage project for supply of 2m3 MiraTrevo, thus designates the new textile plant, situated at Caíde de Rei, Lousada. The plant currently employs 20 people with the possibility of increasing to 80 to 100 next year.

The focus on the European market is, according to the manager, one of the priorities of this unit and is from King Caíde to be produced clothing for men and children, to the stores of the group.

The process for approval by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Economy, in which this document is including the information required by Ordinance No. 568/2000 of 7 August, the following: private Building design of each Micro -UAGNL containing: Specification and rationale with general description of the premises; Location plant with implementation of the major components, identifying all the surrounding, in a peripheral area 50 m Micro-UAG; Safety and emergency plan in case of accidents; Procedural diagram; Detail drawings; Technical standards to observe in the design, construction, testing, inspection and maintenance; Proof of CE marking to pressure equipment, specifying the maximum temperature gradient between the outside and the inside, and the minimum temperature inside the tank.

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