Characterization of consumption points

05 APR, 2016

An intervention in the distribution network of natural gas either for maintenance or repair needs advance planning. This plan avoids the indiscriminate cutting of gas hurting customers and causing unnecessary losses to the dealership. One way to be a better coordination of interventions in the network is featuring the point of consumption in order to obtain the necessary information.

Prestiteca this field is to carry on each pole Natural Gas Sonorgás the association's point of consumption (extension of natural gas) with the number of client Sonorgás (CUI) . This process is conducted in the field with the use of a GPS, the coach at each point of consumption indicated in the register of gas associated with the number of customer.

With this information the operator has access to the number of customers supplied by each point of consumption can plan interventions knowing how many customers will be affected. These customers can be warned in advance and avoiding harm or inconvenience to customers or to the dealership.

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