Network Extension of Natural Gas in the Cluster Peso da Régua - Parish of Loureiro

28 FEB, 2014

The company Sonorgás will proceed to the construction of Secondary Gas Grid in parish Loureiro belonging to the pole Peso da Régua, in this area the company Prestiteca is in charge of the whole process of registration of the network and its georeferencing for later insertion into the Geographic Information System (GIS). The arrival of natural gas will be an asset to the village and its inhabitants.

Benefits and Advantages of Natural Gas


High standards of security on the installations. Dispenses storage and replacement of gas cylinders. As natural gas is lighter than air, when it eventually happens a leak, the gas dissipates quickly avoiding any accident.


Natural gas has a continuous supply, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more worries about the exchange and storage of gas cylinders.


With piped natural gas, has much more comfort from the bathroom that has the ideal temperature all year round, the space heating, and a myriad of other applications.


Unlike bottled gas, which leaves residues that cannot be used, natural gas comes via pipeline and produces no waste, and the best, the payment is made ​​after consumption.


Natural gas is a mixture of gases being from about 90% to 95% composed of methane. It is considered cleaner than coal and oil power source because the gases stemming from its combustion are summarized mainly CO2. It is used as industrial and domestic fuel. It is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels and also the cheapest.

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