Definitions of terms used in the design of UAGNL

07 JUL, 2016

Referring to Ordinance No. 568/200 of 7 August we become aware of some of the most used terms in UAGNL projects, namely:

- Safety Basin - intended to contain any product spills from reservoirs in the package;

- LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) - fluid in the liquid state, is basically composed of mixtures of light hydrocarbons, predominantly methane;

- Cryogenic liquid - liquid having a boiling point at atmospheric pressure is less than -40 ° C;

- Cryogenic tank - set formed by inner shell, insulation, exterior tank, supports, pipes, valves, gauges, level gauges and other ancillary elements, for storing liquefied natural gas;

- UAGNL - installation consisting of the set of cryogenic tanks for the LNG storage, as well as auxiliary equipment required for product receipt operations, LNG regasification and conditioning the same for issue, including their accessories and control equipment and security that is associated with them as well as the respective electric power systems.

- Vaporizer - set of heat exchange equipment for regaseifcar LNG, both in the discharge of tanks operations as in the gas conditioning operations for issue, as well as all control and safety accessories associated with the operation.

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