Project for a Micro-UAG located in Hotel Sénior das Romanas - Pedras Salgadas

03 NOV, 2015

The Hotel Sénior das Romanas built from scratch in 2011 is located on a farm of 9 hectares in the village of Pedras Salgadas, Vila Real.

After some research, the direction of this enterprise became aware of the new natural gas units that can be installed in locations where natural gas has not yet arrived, allowing access to a more secure and cost-effective source of energy that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Evaluating the costs of gas devices which in this case comes down to the kitchen and central heating, it was decided to build one Micro-UAG with a capacity of 2m3, and Prestiteca was responsible for preparing the mechanical design which will then be submitted for approval at DGEG.

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