"Prestiteca - Engenharia e Tecnologia Aplicada, S.A.", with its investment project NORTE-01-0201-FEDER-006272, presented to the "Sistema de Incentivos Qualificação de PME"/System of Qualification Incentives to Small and Medium Business, on the "Quadro Estratégico Nacional (QREN)"/ Strategic National Board, has as its main objective the inside reorganization on the following levels:

  • Implementation of control systems;
  • Circulation of information between the various functional areas;
  • Development of new methods/processes of work;
  • Unmaterialisation of customer's relationships.

In order to accomplish the goal proposed to Prestiteca S.A., it's proposed to implement informatics solutions in terms of management and organization, obtaining a certification (ISO 9001:2008), and promoting/divulgating the company by services of branding and creation of a website (with reserved area for the costumer).
The company, with the approval by "Programa Operacional ON.2"/ Operational Program ON.2 of its operation "Uniformização e Informatização de controlo de procedimentos"/ Standardization and Computerization of control procedures got a co-financing of EUR213,980.40 for an Eligible Investment of EUR475,512.00.

Goals and Priorities:

The investment project of Prestiteca, S.A. has goals and priorities in order to promote its competitivety by:

  • Raising the productivity by the implementation of informatical solutions adapted to the needs of the company;
  • Raising the flexibility and hability to answer, according to the certification and the uniformization of the work process and methods.
  • Raising the active presence in the global market, betting on a website and on the divulgation of the company's services.
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