Prestiteca was founded in 1986, first dedicating itself to the projection of building - mainly houses to one family, multifamily and buildings to services.


Since 1988, it started to do services of consulting (in the quality area), having as main projects the certification of various companies of the MATEACE group.


Currently its activities are focused in two areas, gas and cogeneration projects.

It has extensive experience on elaboration of projects of indoor networks, gas distribution networks and gas storage facilities for LPG (LPG tanks).


This experience allows you to be involved in projects of distribution networks for natural gas (NG) in the region of Tras-os-Montes (Bragança, Chaves, Bragança, Vila Real) and neighboring regions (Amarante, Marco Canaveses).


In the area of cogeneration, its works focus on energy audits, studies of rationalizing energy consumption and installation projects of cogeneration systems applied in industrial facilities, public and hospital services in the north of Portugal.

Development of gas network projects and LPG storage facilities

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