Supervision of the Construction

With the implementation of natural gas on the inside of Portugal, it was required to converse and reconvert the gas installations, as well as reconvert burning appliances, in order to implement this energy source safely.


To ensure that all legislation and technical standards, as well as the particular specifications of each utility natural gas were met, it was necessary by those entities to find the means to carry out its review, then Prestiteca provides this type of service, where it coordinated and supervised various projects in the north country, which is at the moment its field of action.


LPG storage facilities

Prestiteca elaborates various projects to implement the LPG tanks in various locations and with various capabilities, in accordance with the legislation in force, ensuring compliance with all safety standards, accessibility in the installation and supply of houses.

Gas Networks

Prestiteca elaborates various projects of gas networks, both for Poles of natural gas supplies, in all these studies include, in particular envisaged consumption, sizing of ducts, population and industrial growth predictions in the region that the project is subordinated, as well as urban settlements, of simpler design. Gas networks are in the public domain and its design complies with all the legislation currently exists in Portugal. We have extensive experience in this type of projects, helping this company in the implementation of natural gas in various regions within the country.

Gas Facilities

With the expansion of natural gas in different regions of the country, there has been a substantial increase in conversion and reconversion projects gastogether with the development of gas installations in the new market (new buildings), where the gas project is required. Prestiteca, with more than a decade of experience, guarantees a well-executed project in the sizing of the pipes is weighted to avoid unnecessary expenses in their implementation, while complying with the legislation and technical standards.


The preparation of the final canvases (entries), of the gas pipes installed on the public highway is obligatory and facilitates its location when the need for any intervention on streets and sidewalks, the operator of the network or by other entities.

So one of the business areas of Prestiteca is preparing registers gas networks, according to the legislation and technical standards, also obeying own specifications the each of its customers.


We invest in a project that has as main purpose the implementation of control systems, the circulation of information between the various functional areas, the development of new methods / processes of work among many others.

To achieve this goal, we intend to implement IT solutions in terms of organization and management, get certified (ISO 9001:2008) and publicize and promote the company through branding and creating a website (with reserved client area) services.

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